Signing Up and Inventory Entry Instructions

DOLLYDOODLE – Consignor Login and Inventory Entry:

Below is a quick guide to logging in to Dollydoodle and entering your inventory.

  • From the Dollydoodle website, click on For Consignors and then Consignor Login.


  • If you have NOT registered to become a consignor, click on Need a consignor number.
  • If you have a consignor number, enter it and your password and click Login.


  • From the Activities dropdown you can do the following:
    • Un-Register for Our Upcoming Sale.
    • Update Account Information – change address, phone numbers, etc.
    • Volunteer to Work – Sign up to volunteer at the sale.  Shifts are 4 hours.
    • Work With Consigned Inventory – This is where you will enter all your inventory and print your sale tags.  Click this one now.   
    • View/Approve Seller Agreement – The seller agreement needs to be signed before participating in the sale.
    • View/Approve Volunteer Worker Agreement – The worker agreement needs to be signed before working a shift at the sale.


  • You will then click on Work with My Consigned Items (Active Inventory).  Once you have entered all your inventory, you will come to this section to Print Tags. 


  • Complete the following items:
    • Category – use the dropdown list to select the appropriate
    • Size – enter appropriate size.  There is a Leave Blank option if that is appropriate.
    • Description Line 1 and 2 – Use these lines to best describe your item.
    • Price – enter your best price.  Remember you are trying to sell your items.
    • Check to Discount – check this box if you want to discount your items for the ½ off sale. 
    • Check to Donate – check this box if you want to donate your items.  All items marked as donate, will be donated.
    • Click Submit Item after each entry. 


How To Hang Your Inventory and Place Your Tags:          instructions6