Inventory Entry

When logging your inventory into the system please ensure to:

  • Select the correct category – Once you select a category, it will remain that category for the next item.  We recommend that you enter all like items at one time, to avoid having to continually change categories.
  • Select the correct size – If you need to select a different size than what is listed on the item,  you can note that in the description.  For example, “Item runs small.”
  • Write a description – Descriptions can match your tag to your item if they become separated.  For example,”Pink Flowered Shorts.”
  • Price the item – Remember the goal is to sell your items.  We recommend 1/2 to 1/4 of retail price.  You will also want to take into account the quality, condition and brand.
  • Mark as 1/2 price if desired – If you select the 1/2 price option for the last day of the sale, you will have the opportunity sell anything that didn’t sell at full price.  You can discount some, all or none of your items.
  • Donate your unsold items if desired- If you choose to donate your unsold items, you will be given a donation slip with your final sales check.  Donate items will have DONATE on the left side of the price tag.  You can choose to donate all, some or none of your items.  Any items marked as donate will automatically be marked as 1/2 price.
  • Complete entry – You will need to click submit after each entry but are not required to enter all your inventory at once.  You can add or change items until the system is closed.
  •  Print tags – Tags must be printed on white CARD STOCK paper.  You can print your tags at any time after you have entered inventory.  If you go back to make changes to an item, be sure to print a new tag and remove the old one.
  • Other Important Notes:
    • We have a $2.00 minimum price.  If your item isn’t valued at $2.00,  please combine it with another clothing item.
    • You must have at least $50 worth of inventory to consign.  Please remember, it is possible that not all of your items will pass inspection.

Ready to enter Inventory?  Click Here to reach the Consignor Login page.